How to better select radiant tube manufacturers? How about the high temperature deformation of W-type radiant tube?

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How to better select radiant tube manufacturers?

In fact, there are many types of radiant tubes on the market. When they really use them, we still need to see what's better. High quality products will have better application range and service life. What do we need to pay attention to or how to select the appropriate radiation control manufacturer? This can not only ensure the quality of products. It also ensures that it can perform well in specific services and really develop better.

The first method is selected according to the market reputation. If the market reputation is good, it can bring more benefits. It is easy for us to choose the radiant tube manufacturer, which is basically relatively simple, because their powerful manufacturer can produce the service life of the radiant tube. It will take a long time, but it can also be a normal choice for many manufacturers. Now the sales price in the market is more reasonable.

Choose the second way, many people will pay attention to specific price issues. Now there are more radiant tube manufacturers on the market. When choosing the way of price comparison, we can see that these prices are more reasonable, or we can accept them, so we will be more confident in our choice, and so will we to a large extent. We can know the actual advantages of the manufacturer. If the price depends on the same quality, the price of the product will be more reasonable and the cost performance will be higher.

How about the high temperature deformation of W-type radiant tube?

Radiant tubes are often used in industrial applications that require isolation of the workpiece from the combustion environment. The working principle of W-type radiant tube heating device is that the fuel is burned in the sealed radiant sleeve. After the radiant tube surface is heated, the heat is mainly transferred to the heated workpiece in the form of thermal radiation. Since the combustion product does not contact the workpiece, the combustion atmosphere will not oxidize or burn the workpiece (21). The atmosphere and heating temperature in the furnace are easy to control and adjust, which is suitable for the high-quality heating requirements of cold rolled strip steel and other products. Although the radiant tube has many advantages, it still has some disadvantages, such as uneven surface temperature, high NOx emission and low service life.

The high-temperature flue gas in the radiant tube transfers heat to the radiant tube through convection and radiation. The radiation tube works continuously for a long time in the high temperature and harsh environment of 850 ℃ and 1080 ℃. Under the combined action of alternating thermal stress and self weight, bending fatigue damage and creep deformation damage are easy to occur, resulting in radiant tube failure. The failure caused by radiation tube stress damage is still a problem of great concern in the industry. Many scholars have made great contributions to the development of radiant tubes. For example, egall studied the mechanical properties of gas ceramic radiant tubes in steady state. 1) , y. orcan1, candela and eraslan1 studied the thermal stress of radiant tubes.

Many scholars have also made great contributions to the internal combustion flow field and temperature distribution of the radiant tube. 1. Therefore, it is necessary to reasonably design the structure of the radiant tube, improve the material of the tube body, optimize the combustion state in the radiant tube, and consider the heat transfer efficiency and environmental protection of the radiant tube. Therefore, the comprehensive research on the design theory and method of radiant tube is of great significance. This paper only systematically analyzes the deformation and stress distribution of radiant tube under the current uneven temperature field from the perspective of mechanical structure design, and puts forward the existing problems of radiant tube. On this 4 basis, the structure is improved, and the improvement effect is evaluated by numerical simulation method. The results show that the improvement is simple, practical and effective.