Characteristics of high temperature electric radiant tubes manufactured by radiant tube manufacturers

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Product introduction of high temperature radiant tube:

The product adopts various controllable atmosphere heat treatment furnaces. In order to avoid the contact between fuel combustion products and workpieces and the erosion of furnace gas on electric heating elements, the combustion of heat-resistant steel electric heating radiant tube. The electric energy conversion process of goods is to close the electric heating elements in the protective sleeve. After power on and heating, the sleeve will indirectly radiate heat to the furnace lining and heating workpieces. The heating of radiant tube is suitable for continuous furnace, drum furnace, well furnace and other furnaces with corrosive atmosphere.

Characteristics of high-temperature electric radiant tube of radiant tube manufacturer:

1. Seamless cold drawn heat-resistant steel pipe produced with high-quality raw materials (high temperature 1200 ℃).

2. The inner core adopts resistance wire u axial arrangement and end welding.

3. There is basically no shielding between the resistance wire and the ceramic frame, and the temperature difference between the resistance wire and the furnace is small.

4. High working temperature 1000 degrees or 1200 degrees.

5. The advantage of large radiant tube is that seamless cold drawing is selected. 20cr10 heat-resistant steel pipe or similar products.

6. Use for more than 8000h.

Radiant tube manufacturers have the following advantages:

(1) It can ensure the controllability of the atmosphere in the furnace;

(2) Temperature control Convenient installation, maintenance and sealing;

(3) Since there is no muffle tank in the furnace, the furnace volume is expanded and the production capacity is improved;

(4) Strong heating capacity and high efficiency;

(5) Save heat-resistant steel.

Use and maintenance of products.

I use

(1) Prohibit long-term over temperature and overload use;

(2) When the furnace temperature is 400, it shall not be cooled quickly;

(3) Do not touch the radiant tube during loading and unloading;

(4) When the furnace is working, always pay attention to whether the traffic lights on the control panel are normal, and exchange the traffic lights after holding for a period of time to avoid burning the radiant tube due to control switch failure;

(5) Pay attention to the work of the instrument at any time. In case of abnormal indication of furnace temperature and instrument, it must be analyzed and handled in time;

(6) For furnaces with a capacity of more than 100kW, each heating zone is equipped with an inspection ammeter, and each phase of the three compartment high-temperature electric furnace is equipped with an ammeter.

II maintain

(1) After three to four months of use, pull out the radiation tube, pour out the dust in the radiation tube, and turn the radiation tube 180 °;

(2) Pay attention to mark the positive and negative of the radiation tube, and exchange the positive and negative once every three to four months;

(3) After pulling out the radiation tube, be careful when removing the terminal, and do not hit or knock the lead out rod;

(4) The bolts leading out of the wiring clamp are easy to be oxidized and loose, so they should be checked and tightened regularly.