Zg30ni35cr15 high manganese steel sieve plate tower top zg1cr24ni20mo2cu3 mesh belt furnace radiant tube

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Zg30ni35cr15 high manganese steel screen plate tower top zg1cr24ni20mo2cu3 mesh belt furnace radiant tube has a long history of casting in China. Modern casting is mainly used as a blank for mechanical parts. Castings account for a large proportion in mechanical products. For example, the weight of castings in tractors accounts for about 50 ~ 70% of the weight of the whole machine, agricultural machinery accounts for 40 ~ 70%, and machine tools and internal combustion engines account for 70 ~ 90%. Among all kinds of castings, there are many kinds of mechanical castings with complex shapes, and the dosage accounts for about 60% of the total output of castings. There are many classification methods for casting: according to the different metal materials used, it is divided into steel castings, iron castings, copper castings, aluminum castings, magnesium castings, zinc castings, titanium castings, etc. Iron castings can be divided into gray iron castings and nodular iron castings, in which ordinary sand castings are used, followed by film coated sand process. Steel castings can be divided into precision wax loss cast steel and coated sand cast steel. Products are precise and complex, close to parts. They can be processed directly, not processed, or used directly. Foundry products are used in various industrial sectors, especially in electronics, petroleum, chemical industry, energy, transportation, light industry, textile, pharmaceutical, medical devices, pumps, valves and other sectors. For example, thermal power plants and nuclear power plants have very strict requirements for the reliability of parts. Steel castings can meet these requirements. Some key components of railway rolling stock, such as wheel, side frame, bolster, hook and so on, are traditional steel castings. A large part of construction machinery is steel castings, such as driving wheel, bearing wheel, rocker arm, crawler shoe, etc.

0cr17ni13mo2n (316LN) infiltration furnace 0Cr18Ni9 (304) mesh belt furnace radiant tube in pressure vessel inspection, the main inspection indexes are hole position, hole diameter tolerance, hole finish, thorn, grooving position, etc. For double tubesheet, pay more attention to the hole position in the detection process. The hole position matching degree of the two tubesheets is very important, such as manhole and flange of spherical storage tank, various tubesheets required by heat exchanger, butt welding flange, integrally forged cylinder (pressure vessel) of catalytic cracking reactor, cylinder joint used in hydrogenation reactor, top cover, bottom cover, sealing head required by chemical fertilizer equipment, etc. The specific structure types include multi-layer shrink sleeve, wire winding, belt winding, hoop, self reinforcing cylinder, etc.