Advantages of jm6 gas radiant tube, wear resistance of jm6 gas radiant tube

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Jm6 gas radiant tube rare earth alloy wear-resistant tube is used for pneumatic conveying. Pumping slurry and other material delivery pipeline. The conveying medium has the characteristics of fast flow rate and large flow, which continues to temporarily affect the pipe wall. Wear and corrosion make the pipeline fatigue and wear gradually. Rare earth alloys contain Cr.Ni 5. and other alloy elements not only have high hardness, but also have certain mechanical properties. They have good welding performance at room temperature, can cut and open holes on site, and also have certain corrosion resistance.

Wear resistance of jm6 gas radiant tube: rare earth alloy wear-resistant tube, first in elbow, tubes with different diameters and other severely worn parts. The suction port and other parts are cast by the model as a whole. Then machining is carried out, especially at the parts with obvious wear outside the elbow. The outer diameter is designed by changing the circular method to thicken the parts with serious wear. Various irregular switch fittings can also be made according to various requirements to meet the design requirements. The straight pipe is made by centrifugal casting.

Jm6 can be widely used in the construction of rare earth, metallurgy, chemical industry, steel pipe, steel pipe and other industries, and can fully meet the needs of the construction of rare earth, steel pipe, chemical industry, and so on. Jm6 gas radiant tube has high strength and good chemical stability. It includes oxidation resistant steel (or high temperature non peeling steel) and thermal strength steel. Oxidation resistant steel generally needs good chemical stability, but the load is low. Thermal strength steel needs high temperature strength and corresponding oxidation resistance. Heat resistant steel is usually used to manufacture components working at high temperature in industrial departments such as boiler, steam turbine, power machinery, industrial furnace, aviation, petrochemical and so on. In addition to high-temperature strength and high-temperature oxidation corrosion resistance, these components also need sufficient toughness. Good processing and welding, and certain structural stability. In addition, some new low chromium nickel oxidation resistant steels have been developed.

Applicable industries of super heat-resistant steel: heat-resistant steel in cement industry, heat-resistant steel in electric power industry, stainless steel series products, super ceramic inner cylinder, complete set of grate cooling equipment, heat-resistant steel in chemical industry, heat-resistant steel in metallurgical industry and heat-resistant steel in heat treatment industry. The oxidation resistance of jm6 gas radiant tube refers to the stability of oxidation and corrosion to gas medium at high temperature. It is an important condition to ensure that the workpiece works for a long time under high temperature. At present, the basic method to improve the high-temperature oxidation resistance of steel is alloying, adding enough alloying elements such as chromium, nickel, silicon and manganese to the steel to produce stable and dense cr2o2 / SiO2 and Al2O3 oxide films on the high-temperature oxidation surface of steel. These oxide films can be firmly attached to the metal surface, so as to effectively protect the metal from the oxidation of high-temperature gas and the corrosion of medium. Chromium is the main element to improve the high temperature oxidation resistance of steel. The higher the service temperature of the workpiece, the chromium content in the steel should be increased accordingly. With the increase of chromium content, the thickness and compactness of chromium oxide film also increase. The test shows that 600-659 ℃, 00-659 ℃, 800 ℃, 950 ℃, 20%, 1100 ℃ and 28%. In order to further improve the oxidation resistance of the material, a certain amount of nickel nitrogen and rare earth are added to the material to improve the diffusion ability of chromium atoms and austenite structure, so as to improve the heat resistance and thermal strength of alloy steel.

Advantages of jm6 gas radiant tube:

1. Under the same conditions, the material is resistant to high temperature, corrosion and oxidation, and has sufficient high temperature strength to meet the requirements of machining.

2. Under the same working conditions, the service life of new materials is 6-8 times that of other materials, so as to ensure the power plant equipment with more than two overhaul periods.

3. The manufacturing process of new materials is relatively simple, and the geometric dimensions after forming meet the technical requirements of the drawings.

4. The new material does not deform in the high-temperature area, with high strength and good wear and corrosion resistance.